Sunday, July 26, 2009

My heart, be still.

A few things I'm in love with right now:

A sweet gift from my bloggy soulmate. She requested a penpal and man do I love giving and receiving mail, so I jumped on board! Here's my first package from Kelly.

Oh how I love this black and white print. Its on nearly everything I own these days. She acts like she knows me or something. ;) I've already put it to use in my craft room, a photo for another day... Thanks Kellers, I adore it!

My Maw Maw grows ivy like hippies grow pot, so she cut off a few springs and sent them my way. I only had to search two days for the perfect planter to put it in. Can you believe I got this beauty at Burlington? And yes, I listened to the advice of the lovely Lindsey and decided I can and will mix cools with warms.

Finally, I found the perfect mannequin form for my jewelry. I've only been searching for ten years for one. (Very picky gal here.)

Oh and I have added new furniture to my craft room and the set up is finally exactly as I wanted it. Creating jewelry is so much more fun now and J won't have to fuss about scrapnel lodging itself into his bare feet when he comes to sneak a kiss.... Photos soon!


Christie said...

Those ivy are supposedly super easy to grow, but mine never did. Ever. They just shriveled and died no matter what I did. I have a black thumb, apparently.

I love the mannequin!

Anonymous said...

"My Maw Maw grows ivy like hippies grow pot"


I can't wait to see the craft room!!! I'm impatiently awaiting pictures!! hahaha

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