Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crockpot Slow Simmering BBQ Sandwiches

Image from sungkang.com

Mmmm this recipe has my mouth watering! I think its time to go shopping... :)


1/2 cup water
1 3lb beef brisket (we've used a variety of sizes close to this size)
3 tbs vinegar (I use apple cider vinegar)
2 tbs Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp ground cumin OR chili powder
3 cups BBQ sauce of your choice (I like KC masterpiece!)
12 to 16 Kaiser rolls or hamburger buns

dill pickle slices and red onion slices optional


Trim fat from brisket
Cut brisket if necessary to fit into 3 1/2-4 quart crock pot
Add water vinegar worcestershire sauce and cumin or chili powder
Cover and cook on low heat for 10-12 hours or on high heat for 4-5 (I always cook on low)
About an hour before serving remove the meat from cooker.
Discard cooking liquid
Use two forks to shred meat and return to the cooker
Stir in BBQ sauce cover and cook on high for 30-45mins until heated thoroughly.
Serve on bun of choice makes 12-16 sandwiches!

Submitted by Teri Erickson.

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