Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm on the way to work this morning and my stomach is getting queasier and queasier. Why, you ask? Because the middle aged guy in the work truck in front of me has his window down and is spitting every 3 minutes out his window.


For you guys reading, just so you know - its DISGUSTING. What exactly is in your mouth that is so gross you have to spit it out in public? Did you brush your teeth this morning? What about your tongue? Cause it might have something to do with it.

What? Its because the smoking leaves a build up that you have to get rid of?


Well quit smoking, jack ass.

Another time we were out on the river and I was having a conversation with a female friend of mine and her boyfriend's son, who's 18. The son kept hawking and cackling in his throat like an 80 yr old man who's been smoking all his life. Every other sentence he'd make that awful throaty sound and spit a big ole wad out his mouth. After the third time of him spitting right in the sand in front of me I stopped mid-sentence and walked away.

Where is the respect these days? Who told you that its okay to spit in front of others?

I remember this older man who used to come into the grocery where I worked back in college. He carried a hankerchief and coughed a lot. Once he stopped me in the middle of ringing groceries and said to excuse him. Stepped right outside the doors and pulled his hankie out. I could see him taking care of his spitting routine and as he came back in he apologized.

Why guys think its okay to spit right in front of women is beyond me. If you have a doubt let me make it clear.

Stop. Its digusting.


Hammer said...

This year I've been having major allergy issues and unexpectely I'll have a mouth full of something gross. Finding a place to get rid of it is tough sometimes. I really try not to do it in front of people because it isn't polite.

Anonymous said...

a-freaking-gree! I think it is absolutely disgusting! Guys are so rude sometimes. Why didn't their mammas teach them manners???


Roxrocks said...

Now my stomach is queasy too! Blech!

Jessica said...

Lately, I've been seeing girls spit too! Yuck

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Amen. It's never OK to spitl

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