Thursday, August 07, 2008

House Status and Personal Space

I go to Hobby Lobby today at lunch and get in the check out line with my goods. Now, I'm kinda crazy about my personal space. I need a good foot of space around me when in public. The lady behind me is so close I can feel her without actually seeing how close she is.

My sister and I have these little things we like to do when this happens to us when we're together. Cause for some reason, something like this always happens to us during a Walmart trip. It never fails. These things we do are mainly just to show off, make each other laugh. If the customer behind us is too close, one of us bends over right in front of them so our butt bumps into the offending customer. Or we'll stretch real big flinging our arms behind us and "Oops. Did I hit you?" and then under our breaths "you shouldn't have been in my space..."

Immature? Yes. Funny? It is to us.

I was by myself today when this happened to me so I wasn't brave enough to stretch or stick my butt against her. But y'all this lady? She had a gigantic plant in her arms and that thing's leaves were rubbing against my head, flicking my hair all over the place. I was in the middle of being shocked and irritated and wanting to laugh out loud at the absurdity.

I ignore it. I'm almost at the checkout.

It happens again. I let out a sound this time. "Oh! Goodness!" I say, whipped my head to face her, smoothing down my hair.

She just looks at me like its MY FAULT. "I was trying to keep it away," she says. Like its a dog or something! I'm perplexed. Really??? You were? Cause you could have done a better job. My hair was getting strip searched by your gaudy plant there...


House Update

A few of you have asked about the house. At the moment J and I are feeling less excited and more irritated these days with the hurry-up-and-waiting going on. I'm sure those of you that have been through this know: I have never signed more papers in my life! Its craziness.

At the moment we're waiting on loan paperwork, yadda yadda, and taking care of insurance stuff, blah blah blah. I really don't know exactly where we are... are we half way there? Almost done? I'm just not sure. But, the house is OURS. I finally feel comfy enough to begin to think of colors and furniture layouts. Its OURS.

As promised I'll post photos of the house before our stuff is moved in and then do an after photo post when we've got our touches on it. The house was pretty much in terrific, updated condition, so there really isn't a lot to do other than rip the green and pink flowered wallpaper out the hall bath. Fun stuff. :)

That's all for now folks. I'll be posting photos of our wedding site next. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Muah!


Roxrocks said...

I hate it when people get that close in line. I want to yell out "Back the F-off!!!" Usually though it's some old lady and then I feel guilty. :)

The house! The house! WOOT!

-Papa said...

I hate getting felt up by the local flora.., now the local fauna, that's a different story. ;P

Hammer said...

Yeah the bending over thing and the stretching thing I used to do that.

Now I turn around and say "would you mind crawling out of my sphincter? kthxbye!"

Polgara said...

Cant wait to see both house and wedding related photo's!
Pol x

Anonymous said...

How do people not realize they are being so completely inconsiderate? How does it not bother THEM that they are so close?! wow.

Congrats on the house. You get a lot of congrats lately, don't ya? haha I've been getting a lot of "It will get better with time..."s LOL Send some good energy my way! ;-)

Can't wait to see the photos!!

Ari said...

I am the same way. I hope that in the near future scientists will invent some kind of device that generates a visible force field two feet out from my body so that I can never go out in public without it.

Stacie said...

OOOOH! People in my personal space drive me NUTS! I usually pretend I'm going to take a step forward and then have to suddenly back up and end up stepping on their feet adn whirl around with " didn't realize you were SO CLOSE!" they usually get the hint and back off a bit..or at least the second or third time when I'm sure my foot comes down on theirs a bit harder. and if they're following me on my heels I make very sudden stops so they run into me and then give them the wonk eye or the "oh wow...didn't realize you were SO CLOSE!" What's up with people? I don't get it..

I can't wait to see pix of the house exciting. I do hate the game of hurry up and wait though..not fun!

Christie said...

I hate that, too. But I usually comment or push one of my kids into them. Believe me, nothing gets people out of your space quicker than a kid with chocolate cookie all over their face and hands.

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