Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Does this mean we're adults now??

Yesterday Jason and I had planned to stop by an appliance store after work to check out this refrigerator he liked. We both wanted a black side by side, that much we knew. Jason gets there before me and says "The place closes at 5 and there's one black side by side left."

What? I can't SEE it before its purchased?? Yikes!

I stir in my head for a minute. I imagine Jason in devil's clothing on my right shoulder saying "Just be spontaneous for once!!"

"Buy it," I tell him over the phone.

"What?" He says quietly. "Are you sure?"

Now I'm quiet. Then he says "You trust me?"

I get a rush of giddiness through my chest and say forcefully "Just DO it!" Like Ben Stiller does on Starsky and Hutch.

We share a laugh and a squeal and J's off to buy our big black beauty.

And big black beauty it is:

I can't wait to stuff you with all our favorites. Cheeses, pineapple, fresh lettuces, lunch meat and leftovers. Big jugs of orange juice and tea. Frozen bags of hasbrowns and tilapia. *sigh*

If you guys haven't figured it out already, the loan went through and we're supposed to be closing this Friday!!! So J and I are rushing around picking up the necessities. Cross your fingers for us!


Tookie Tail said...

Woohoo!! Love it! Just make sure that house is insured before Monday. Go away Gustav!

Dr Zibbs said...

Nice fridge.

Jessica said...

Congrats! :)

LindseYaYa said...

Oh, wow! Fingers crossed! Best luck, dear. Keep us posted!!!

Roxrocks said...


I love how your fridge doesn't have any containers of fuzzy leftovers or sour milk. You're such an optimist! LOL!!

-Papa said...

Very nice fridge; the one I have is the same except for the doors being stainless steel instead of Ninja Black. :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats my dear! I got my new fridge last week... and it has

green tea with honey
green tea ginger ale (current obsession)
Mt. Dew
one alcoholic beverage
a bottle of water
two frozen food dinners
toaster strudels

No wonder I'm sick all the time...

Hammer said...

Nice! I have the same one but white.

As a side note be sure to pull out the tray under the water and ice dispenser and clean and dry under it every so often or you will have rust issues.

Stacie said...

It's awsome! yay for new stuff in the new house! How fun it is to fill your new home with the things that will make it yours as you start your life together.

And a DEFINITE Yay for being spontaneous!


Marcia said...

So exciting for both your new fridge and your closing! (Matt and I just set our close date today: Sept 9 at 2pm [in the Empire State Bldg, how cool is that??] and our move date: Sept 10 at 9am. Then I get to start ripping out the kitchen and buying appliances!)

Christie said...

Yeah for you guys! I love that fridge! I can't wait to pick out appliances of my very own. Good luck!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Say, I have that same model.

Michelle Sanders said...

Yes, that makes you adults now. I had this same debate about six months ago and dispite getting married, buying our house and having a child...buying our first brand new applance made us feel like adults. Funny how that works. CONGRATS on the closing. Now tape up those windows and get ready for Gustav! LOL~! Oh and make sure your insurance is a go!

Damsel Underdressed said...

Sigh...the days of getting excited over a new refridgerator. I had to buy a new one last year right after Labor Day because mine pooped out on me the day of my Labor Day picnic. :( I was NOT excited to have to make that purchase.

Anyway, your new one is really pretty. :)

travistee said...

Ya'll are just the cutest!

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