Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Observations

Ever since I can remember, I get chills when I hear someone sing live. Don't confuse this - if some cover band at the local hole in the wall sings Funky Cold Medina, its likely I won't get them. Touching songs, songs where the artist actually sings? Chills.

Example: This morning I was listening to KLove and Chris Tomlin was playing Never Let Go live on the radio. I got chills. I think it means something. *stare*

You know how that kid claimed to "See dead people?" Well, get ready for this: I can sense roaches. I can. Swears. As I step into a room I KNOW immediately if there is a roach in there. Went into the bathroom the other day and I froze. I got this creepy feeling and a buzzing in my ears and there it was, hanging out on my Walmart sienna striped shower curtain. Bastard! I just cleaned that! I screamed and my knight in shining wad-o-toilet-paper came running to save me.

Maybe you can help me on this one. I have spent approximately 84.3 hours planning my wedding. Shopping for gown, shoes, favors, flower basket, etc. Vocalist, attendents, guest lists, shower lists, music, catering, photographer. Making jewelry for me, for my attendants. Registering for gifts. Whitening teeth. I can keep going.

My question is, WHY do people drive themselves nutty doing all this work and planning for a 3-4 hour affair?? And all that money!! My parents and I are sharing in the costs of this big shin-dig, my parents taking in the bulk of it. I almost feel guilty I'm getting married!

Oh and, I now know why there's a honeymoon. Its because the bride is taken away from the groom for hours on end, weekend after weekend running about town doing this and that for the wedding. Its because even during the week when they are just hanging out together, she's in her own little world, planning and scheming in her head and Did I call the vocalist yet? I need to pick a song. *big sigh*

We hang out, a lot actually, but I just don't feel like I'm getting quality "us" time anymore. I'm somewhere else in my head or we're busy taking care of business for the wedding together.

So yeah. The honeymoon. A much needed get-away.

That's all for now folks. Hopefully a photo post of the weekend coming up soon!


Hammer said...

My widf and I did our wedding on the cheap. Nice but cheap about $400 total..but we had people in or family who could sew all the dresses make professional wedding cakes etc..

It is a stressful time but it can be enjoyable if you go with it.

Roxrocks said...

When it's all over you'll be like "Why did I stress?!" I agree with hammer, try to enjoy the moments.

And cockroaches? OMG I'd have a bloody heart attack!

-Papa said...

My question is, WHY do people drive themselves nutty doing all this work and planning for a 3-4 hour affair??
It's a wedding. DUH! ;p

Stacie said...

I can relate to that roach thing..I have spidey sense...I KNOW when there's one in the room! Course...they're looking at you with all those damn eyes, how can you not know? *shivers* UGH...horrible bugs all of them!

LindseYaYa said...

I remember feeling that way about my wedding, too. Marcus and I paid for our wedding, so that added another element of tension--- but then again, it allowed me to do things my way, without feeling the guilt associated when wanting to please everyone else. In fact, it took me a year to want to look back at my wedding photos and get not remember the sheer that went in to it. But know this... do your best. Don't go overboard but make sure you do the things that will make you proud when you look back. Remember that this is a sprint- not a marathon. Eventually it will be there, be beautiful, be over. Then yall will honeymoon and regroup to what it means to be married. The marathon is the marriage. So when you feel over whelmed and run down, remember that it has an expiration date. Deep breath, long hot baths with wine, *you get the picture... ;)

Next time, I'm going to crash your dinner date... consider yourself warned. ;)

Michelle Sanders said...

Yeah Geeezzz~

And I pretty much eco what sugarbutt said. But just remember that it's about the marrage...the wedding is just ising...fluff really. Make it your own and don't stress. This is memories you are make good ones!

Oh and sugar...I dare you to crash our date next time. Dare ya! LOL!

LindseYaYa said...

okay girls... it's on. Our men divorce us? No way, it's too expensive- and besides we are still to young and hot to divorce. I figure they will just force us to start having 'Girls Night.' Cheaper... and we come home liquored. Don't think they wouldn't figure that one out. *snort*

Let's do it.

Polgara said...

Chris and i argued more when planning our wedding than at any other time during our relationship!
We both have said since that planning and executing the wedding gives you another bond once it's all done and dusted.
It's worth it hun, you will enjoy the day more than you can imagine and it will all be more than worth it
Pol x

AJ said...

Just dropping over to say hello :) And I love that song Never Let Go. I have heard him sing it live and it not only gives me chills I actually get a little teary eyed (okay maybe a little more than that). I love how music can move a person!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

You have to stand back in awe of a wedding's power to tap your wallet.

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