Monday, August 18, 2008

Yeah You Right

Saturday night me & J met up with one of our dearest couple friends, Michelli and Davide.

Our first stop was Fish City Grill where we ordered platters of crabs, shrimp, spicy andouille sausage (Michelle, are you imagining me saying "andouille" right now?), corn & potatoes. We talked of wedding plans, the new house and as always, laughed out loud as Michelle quoted random movie lines.

Mid-way through being wrist deep in shrimp & crabs, Michelle picks up a rather greyish looking shrimp. Eh, not cooked. Jason makes a comment that one of his crabs wasn't cooked thoroughly either. Michelle sweetly notes the observation to the waitress - after all, we surely didn't want someone else to be served an uncooked plate of seafood. Sushi anyone?

So we're back in conversation and the chef comes out, all smiles. He asks about the uncooked shrimp to which Michelle replies that she doesn't necessarily want him to replace her shrimp, just wanted him to know. He announces he is going to cover our food tab, its on him. We're all a little stunned and protest - we weren't looking for a free meal! He insists and we all walk out, me & Michelli being the cheapest dates EVA, as we both just had a glass of water with our seafood. Our men are sooo lucky. :)

Next Michelle and I ran to play in Frock Candy, any chic girl's fashion delight. The guys had a ladies sunglasses fashion show while Michelle tried on some girlie digs.

Off to The Roux House next, where a rather (eh, hmm) ghetto band was playing, named Yeah You Right. Are you ready for this? I can't make this up, people. They wore baggy pants, big chains, side-ways ball caps, and rapped rock music. But first they opened with Funky Cold Medina. Even better? This pregnant chic that was maybe 7 months in her pregnancy was out on the floor dancing like her previous profession was of the adult entertainment nature. Eh hmm. Awesomeness.

At least we got a few good photos out the night:

If anyone makes a comment on my lip blemish, I'm coming out this computer to... do something very bad to you! Yeah. Watch it. I'm stressed peeps.

J and I were pooped by 11pm and headed out, my pillowtop mattress was calling. All and all, a fun, if not strange night.

That's it y'all. Word to ya motha.


-Papa said...

The guys only did a women's sunglasses show? How well behaved, after 5 minutes me and my mates would be having a women's perfume fight so we'd come out of the shop smelling like fisherman whore's trying to cover up the smell of their profession. Ooo, that was a bit graphic, pardon, but what's that on your lip? :D

Hammer said...

That was good they covered your meal. I bet the chef kicked the butt of his assistant chef that undercooked your food.

Anonymous said...

You are too adorable!

Damsel Underdressed said...

Very cute pictures!

Christie said...

How funny! You guys are cute, I love the last picture!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

A talented jeweler and a cheap date. Man, J's got himself a find.

Congrats on the free meal.

Roxrocks said...

You two are going to have the cutest kids...

Just sayin' home-dog.

Michelle Sanders said...

tee heeehe hehe~

How did I miss this post? Have I not checked your blog in two days?! Damn. So yeah, We had the bestest time and can't wait to do it again. Same place? I'm game.

Oh and you graphic description of the preggers chick brought me right back to that moment. Priceless.

LindseYaYa said...

Hey! I actually use Corel... maybe for Christmas I will get adobe... I've exploited this program to the max and I need more controls- plus I can run actions with photoshop.... save time? the easy way? What!? I guess that's worth the million dollars it cost right there. Thanks for reading, sister.

Stacie said...

Hey now...don't you young whippersnappers be dissin' on the Funky Cold Medina...that's a classic!


Looks like you guys had a fun time adn girlfriend, you looook maaaaahvelous!

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