Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm INSPIRED, again...

I'm a jewelry-making maniac these days. I woke up this morning at 7 to go running and did, but you know I had to fiddle with my pretty new baubles before I left and then when I came back in.... and then in between lunges. Its an o b s e s s i o n.

Just got in a TON of new, unique bits and pieces for my creations. My favorite are these new kidney earwires (gross name, right?) I've seen them around for ages but just decided recently that I HAD to have some.

So glad I got them.

Green with Envy Earrings

Angel Tears (Genuine turquoise)

And this is one of my faves - Fleur de lis in the Box. The lighting makes the silver look dark, but its actually a brilliant shiny silver. I'm so in love with this!

Happy Saturday y'all. Now its time for the fruit market. I'm thinking grapefruit and mushrooms and nanners....


Roxrocks said...

I've managed to get out of bed and use the washroom this morning. I've had one sip of coffee.

It's going to be one of those days.

Violet said...

I've been neglecting reading blogs lately, but I always enjoy seeing your creations. I just checked out your Etsy site - love it! I'm going to e-mail you for a custom order soon... Just have to think about what exactly I want first.

Hammer said...

I've always been partial to turquoise. I used to live in New Mexico where the indian vendors made all kinds of cool things with it.

Nice stuff!

Anonymous said...

You are really on a roll! They are all very pretty!

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