Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beach Baby

So I never buy anything for myself. Ever. I shop only when necessary, buying a couple of shirts for work when my current ones are worn to the point of fashion embarrassment or the occasional weekend top when I have an event. I buy work slacks on the average of one pair per year. Same goes for undies.

I know, its sad. I just don't like to shop.

However, the item below was an online shopping must-have. And we all know how fun and easy online shopping is!

Purchased at The Social Cellar. I don't know WHY I had to have it, but I just did.

I placed that little pretty on my Etsy faves and have been peeking back at it for the past week. I've been doing well on my own Etsy sales, so I thought, what the heck? I'm buying myself a lil present!

I don't live anywhere tropical, nor do I frequent the beach often. But I had to have it and my reasoning was that I needed it for our beach vaca coming up next month. I can wear it then, right?

*sigh* I have to go buy a dress for this now, don't I? Eh.


Rox said...

I love shopping when I'm in the mood. LOVE IT!

Ari said...

It's cute!

I don't always like shopping either. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is cute! I have been wanting to do a crafty project with headbands similar to this... This just made me want to do it more. I need crafts! I just do. haha

I'm glad you bought yourself something. I used to be super bad like you about giving myself things and whatnot. Then I went to the other extreme. Now, I'm just trying to find a happy medium that I can afford. haha ;-)

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