Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our dog?

She likes snowballs.


jason said...

I think we're becoming those obsessed pet owners. Next up is shirts with her picture that say something about us being "Worlds best mommy/daddy"

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha to Jason!

Your puppy is cute! And even though I would make fun of you for the t-shirts with 'world's best mommy/daddy' on it, I would secretly love it. :-) hehe

C said...

awwww so cute, you guys! i love doggies. and kitties too. she looks like such a lil sweetheart.


Christie said...

Charlie goes all kinds of crazy over ice cubes. Whenever he hears one hit a glass, he hauls butt in and whines.

Rox said...

LOL you two are cute. I say have some babies. :o)

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