Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Birthday Fun

Babers birthday wish was to go riding on the river. We do that pretty often, but it's one of his favorite things. (Are you singing now with a vision from The Sound of Music playing in your head? Thought so.)

Me and the Mini Monster above, trying to take the infamous self-shot photo. I was all "Come here Minner, now smile and look at the camera," and she's "Attention! Attention! Attention!" and her thanks of lick, lick, lick.

Its Baber's new favorite photo. Mine too. We luff her.

This is our lil girl waiting to jump in her spot on the 4 wheeler. As soon as she hears J start up the four wheeler, she goes ballistic. And don't be trying to sneak off without her! If any car or truck door opens while the 4 wheeler is in the driveway, she's sneaky like a ninja puppy, jumping in your car before you can tell her No, Min, I'm just getting my sunglasses...

Oh and we decided this weekend that its not the question "Minner wanna go ride?" that she recognizes and gets excited about, but the tone of that question. J tested it:

"Minner wanna do taxes? Minner wanna do our laundry?"

Yep. Its the tone.

We're getting pretty darn talented at the self shot, I must say. For some reason I think I look like a bunny rabbit in this photo. No? Look again.

J prepping the 4 wheeler for our ride. The laundry basket is strapped on top so that Mini can ride with us. Don't worry, we put a fluffy towel in there for padding and bring her lots of treats. She's very popular at the river: if she's not with us, people ask about her all day. Guess we can never break up with her. Awk-waaard...

So we rode all day long and had a blast, as usual. Then after 6 hours of riding in the sun, J's all "Hey everyone, come to our house to play some warshers!"

-- Screech!!-- Halt. Let me explain something. The game is called WASHERS, not WARSHERS. As in you throw super large washers in this wooden box with holes. I know, so country right? But we're from the small town of Central yo, and some people just like to throw random letters in the middle of words. Oh no, I don't do it. I'm totally against it and it actually embarrasses me. Besides - My mama was an English teacher. She'd beat me for talking like that. And J, well he does it either to jab at me or make fun of those who call it that. I'm thinking its a little of both. :)

Where was I? Oh yeah, so I'm all slumped over, barely keeping myself on the 4 wheeler and I hear J asking people over. I didn't say anything though, I was determined to let him do whatever he wanted on his day!

A few hours later, after a bath and some food, Baber is falling asleep beside me while everyone else is playing Washers. Gotta love him. :)

Oh and I got him this for his birthday:

And like the chic I am, I purchased one that didn't come with darts. Go figure. I just assumed it would come with them, but you know what happens when you assume... Anyway, J is super awesome at playing darts and I hope he can teach me his skills one day soon. I need to be good at least ONE game in my lifetime. I run from all things competitive while he basks in the glow of a nice round of competitive gaming. Pool, darts, shuffleboard (okay so I love this one), washers, you name it, he's good at it.
I wanna be a boy. Hmph!

So that's it, J's big 3-0. Here's to stepping out of our twenties and many more birthdays to share together!


C said...

again, sounds like you had a great b-day! so glad 4 U.

i'm gonna go browse yer new jillry...


Anonymous said...

Aw your puppy pictures are so sweet!

I love how much you guys adore her. And it sounds like you guys had lots of fun.

Rox said...

When you guys have babies, they are going to have gorgeous eyes, no matter whose peepers they get!

Not that there's any pressure, but um, you're getting older...:o)

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Fun pictures!! :)

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