Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Notes on Cars.

Sounds like the title to a beautiful indie film, doesn't it? ;)

As you read below, I was feeling low yesterday. Well, all weekend really. Troubled by the reality that life can't always be sky-high-wonderful, I cried a mini river on my blog, and well, it helped. This blog is such a great source of therapy to me and not only that, it appears to pose as another outlet to reach my husband.

Sometimes I realize my words and girlish hints just come across as well, me being needy. But if I blog about it? Gotta be serious stuff, right?

After a sweet small convo with my hubs on FB chat, I got in my car for my girls lunch with my SIL, Sis and nephew Toot. A full belly of chicken quesadillas definitely had me on a temporary happy but as I got back in my car the note left under my wiper blade stuck me with a happy that I'm still floating in.

A note from my Babers. Just what I needed.

He still loves me just as much, if not more, than yesterday and also stated that we were to have a date night off schedule because we needed it. (Are you gagging now? I know, I gross myself out sometimes.)

Home from work I'm greeted with the usual: Minnerbait jumping on my leg, Play with me, Pet me, Pay attention to me! and an embrace from my love. After leftover homemade chicken potpie and a few moments of rest, we went for a walk with the puppy. Showers next and off to watch Intervention and Obsessed, legs tangled up under blankets, a lot of hand holding and silly conversation during commercials.

Man, did we need that.

Woke up this morning glowing. Which I posted on my FB status and you know someone , not naming any names STACIE, had to throw the pregnancy hint out. No I'm not preggers! :) (Love you Stace! hehe.)

So anyway the point of this post? We're learning, we're growing. This. Will. Work.

Make time for each other. Communicate what you want with your significant other.

And most imporantly, leave notes on cars.


Anonymous said...

hang in there, married life has it's ups and downs. and somtimes the downs are downs. taking time out for yourselves, just the two of you, is very important. glad you're better today. remember life is good :)

Rox said...

U R So Cute!

Oops I'm text-talking again.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm late, I'm just catching up. I'm glad that you got this night. And a note on your car is one of the best things in life. It's an ingredient to happiness, I swear. :-)

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