Friday, June 12, 2009

My birthday Baber

Well love, tomorrow you will be old like me. I sort of feel bad picking on you about turning 30 because I worry you're not looking forward to this birthday.

To me, getting out of the 20s was my permit to freedom. I can shop in the misses department with pride instead of trying to pretend I got my clothes at Forever 21. I feel smart and sassy wearing applique' and sweater sets. I can order beer without feeling like a boy 'cause everyone else orders the trendy cosmo.

I can admit that I love nesting more than going out, and so what if my ta-tas aren't as perky as they used to be? Not like I'm going to be wearing a string bikini anymore.

I can get away with more now because I'm thirty. Yes! And now YOU are thirty with me, which makes it even better. Now you can wear applique' and sweater sets alongside me! (And don't front - I know for a fact you like nesting even more than I do.)

So anyway, this post was supposed to stroke your ego, not joke about your age. That said, I thought I'd list the reasons why I love your "older self" compared to your "younger self". (Think young 20s, hoops in the ears and low slung pants...)

1. You're the country boy I've always wanted to marry. Let me break that down a bit. Back in the day you were all about the gangsta, with your trendy clothes and smooth talk. Hitting the clubs, driving a Honda, listening to rap. Now you feel most comfy in your casual digs, would rather ride the 4 wheelers on the river and drive a truck cause in the country, we're all about hauling stuff. Its comforting. I like doing outdoorsy stuff with you. I like that you are rough and rugged, and I feel that you've grown into that.

2. You're less intimidating. You are less aggressive in your "old age". While you are obviously still an adventurist, you're less likely to harrass and push me into doing something like you would have when I knew you back when. You could be relentless at times. But now? You coax me into things, like snorkeling for example. I knew you wouldn't rag on me if I didn't do it but I had the courage because I knew you'd be proud and supportive if I did.

3. You just get better with age. You're ambitious, focused, helpful. Funniest person I know, intelligent and you know me more than anyone. You are so incredibly patient with me, and can you really say you would have been back in your early twenties? You are different now, in all the best ways.

4. You're mine. So we crushed on each other back in the day. Its true. But where would that have led us back then? The younger you would not have treated me like gold, would not have tried to understand my craziness... you would not have been wholly MINE. Now, I truly feel like I'm the only woman you have love in your eyes for, and that's the best feeling you could ever give me.

So of course I thought you were a little hottie back in the day but you've ripened with age. I'm even more attracted to you. And look who gets to enjoy fine wine now? (I know I left myself open on that one, so zip it.)

Happy (early) Birthday Love Bucket. Can't wait to take you out tonight for dinner and hold hands on the couch for dessert.


Anonymous said...

aww, so cute!

Happy Birthday J!

C said...

happy birthday j! hope it was a good one.

hey jilly, long time no talk...

been missing your blogs


Real Live Lesbian said...

Happy Birthdday to your little hottie! ;)

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