Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hello Lover

Dear Nikon D40x,

I just ordered you and I'm sooo anxious to find you in my mailbox next week I can hardly stand it. It took me nearly 10 minutes just to click the final "complete order" button. This purchase stands for something.

I've been making jewelry for over 7 years now but mainly for fun, for creative release. Another one of my creative addictions. I have been told for years that I need to get off my hiney and start taking this seriously. You are the one thing I've needed that has kept me from actually taking professional shots of my jewelry and loading it onto a selling site. Now that I officially have you on order I have NO EXCUSE not to try to move forward. I'm so freaking excited to see you!!!!

I may even shave my legs on Monday, your arrival day. Maybe even break out the red lipstick.

I love you and I haven't even met you yet. Is that too forward?

I pray for your safe arrival. Until then, I'll be dreaming of you.




Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Well enjoy that camera! Don't do anything inappropriate with it. You'll void the warranty.

Grilled Pizza said...

Am so looking forward to seeing the photo's!

Kitty said...

You beat me to it! A decent camera is next on my shopping list (it'll take better pictures of the monkeys, right?) You take great pictures already so I'm sure they'll be even better with your new 'toy'. x

Doc said...

Make sure and take some good shots...and give us a link to the jewelry sales site too.

-Papa said...

I'm gonna have to tell Babers about this..., :(

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! I am happy for you! :-D I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!! :-D

moooooog35 said...

This is almost word-for-word verbatim of my letter to my mechanical vagina I ordered.


Anonymous said...

Do enjoy it!

I hope this means more pictures for us. :o)

Stacie said...

I am SOOOOOOO excited for you Jill! SO very excited! I can't wait to see pix!

Nocturnal said...

New toys, put that thing to use Jillie and enjoy.


Tookie Tail said...

I'm so excited for you!! I really wish you would get into Wedding Photography tooooo. You have such a good eye, Jilly!

random moments said...

LBB - Pfft. I am a LADY! *smack* ;)

grilled pizza - Me too!

kitty - thanks! I'll let you know how the camera turns out. I've done a ton of research on it. And yes, better for those cute monkeys! :)

doc - I sure will. I bet you'd look good in my jewelry. *laugh*

papa - I'll have you know he supports me. Hmph. He has a thing for cameras too you know. ;p

kellers - I know I will! You telling me about yours made me lean towards the one I ordered. I'm so psyched!

mooog - *gasp* What's a vagina?

pre pon - oh you know you will. I'm such a photowhore. (But I'm not ashamed!)

stacie - as soon as I get started I'm going to gussy up my flickr site like yours! :)

Noc - I'm sure I'll get my money's worth just in the first month!

tookie - Aw thanks! Who knows? Maybe I will. Baby steps Ma! haha.

Open Grove Claudia said...

so very cool - a new camera! Whoo Hoo!! That's exciting. I can hardly wait to see the photos of love.

(But please spare me the graphic photos of love - I'm still recovering from seeing BS's privates a year ago.)

Anonymous said...

btw... so addicted to etsy since it was mentioned on here! OMG! If I had only known that site was there...

♥♥♥ A- Licious ♥♥♥ said...

so cute! i am all about a new cam!!
woo hoooo!

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