Friday, January 04, 2008

Whispers in the Night

Before you get started I want to state a warning. If you don't believe in ghosts or spirits or think all that is baloney then you may want to skip this post. I'm not saying the following is factual, I'm just blogging yo.

I mentioned in a previous post about how I need to sleep with a night light. Yes, I said NEED. I sleep with one constantly until the weekend comes because Babers doesn't like it shining in his eyeball. Understandable. He had gotten into the habit a bit back of plugging the night light back in before he left on Sunday but has fallen out of that habit lately. (Bad bad.) The result? I climb into bed, turn off my lamp light and the room is consumed in complete blackness, sending me flying out of the bed, covers everywhere, me tripping over shit to get that night light plugged in. Being in my room in complete darkness freaks me out.

Reason? Here goes... (LBB, that ... was for you. Carrying on... *snort* Okay, I'll stop.)

When I was younger my sister and I shared a room. At some point it was time to move into separate bedrooms, that time being when I could see a distinct line in between her side and mine. That line being her clothes and other various items she owned on the floor that I would shove off my side creating a pretty little divider.

I keep getting off subject. Grr.

Lil sis and I always had a night light in our room, so when I moved into another room I thought I was grown enough to sleep without one. Man I was wrong.

I slept in the spare room which was located in the front of the house away from the other bedrooms. Most nights my mother would stay up until I went to sleep. Maybe she thought I was scared being away from everyone else. (I was a little.) On those nights that she didn't it took forever for me to fall asleep. The air would kick on and I would hear what I thought were whispers. Even if the air was off I'd hear them, but they were quieter. I've always slept on my tummy and would get cricks in my neck from twisting around to peer in the dark at where the whispers were coming from. And then of course my mind would play tricks on me and I thought I would see things in the dark in my room.

Needless to say, I got a night light.

Miraculously, the whispering stopped.

I've slept with a night light every day since then. Then one day my mom and I were watching Sylvia Browne and a lady in the audience stood up to say that she thought her young daughter heard spirits talking at night and wouldn't stay in her own bed. Sylvia simply said "Put a night light in her room and they'll leave her be."

Chills immediately shot up my entire body that day when Sylvia said that and my mom and I just turned and looked at each other, wide-eyed. Neither of us knew it at the time, but she had also been witness to the night whispers too. It took me a little while after hearing that to feel comfortable sleeping alone again without my lamp and night light on, but eventually the lack of good sleep got to me and I started turning the lamp off again.

I can't help but believe what I heard to be true. Do you ever just have a feeling about something and know its true? Anyway, just thought I'd put it out there. Now, let me go plug my night light in.


Hammer said...


I sleep with a TV on. The ghosts are probably less annoying.

RoxRocks said...

I snore. My dog snores. My hubby snores. We don't hear a damn thing at night.

No light either. And doors closed. I don't want THEM coming IN.

Now, I'm going to be freaked because hubby is on nights. ACK!

Stacie said...

Oh I totally believe! I can't sleep with a nightlight though...and I've tried in vein (though not as an adult) to talk to spirits. Though they never talked to me, I never once doubted that they were out there.

That's freaky Jill...that you and your mother both had that same experience. wow...


Kitty said...

I'm a believer. I went to see a medium last year and will be going again this year. I find it fascinating. x

fatwonkkid said...

we have night lights, but they are more for not tripping over shit.

sylvia brown is a charlatan. I recall her being asked about a family's missing daughter in WI or some state out there. Without hesitation she said the girl was dead. Several weeks later the girl escaped her kidnapper.

Earric said...

That is pretty creepy.
When I go to sleep, it has to be pitch black and silent. Either that or it has to be super loud and I have to be really really tired (happens a lot when my parents drag me camping).
I feel for you though, I often hear things in the night and my heart goes racing. >.<

Open Grove Claudia said...

You could alway tell them to shut the fuck up so you can sleep. Ghosts are like people - and should be treated the same. Claudia's rules: there's never an excuse to be rude. And whispering while you're trying to sleep - that's just rude.

Anonymous said...

I am a true believer in ghosts and the paranormal. I have had too many experiences to not believe.

Sounds like you and your mother may have a gift.

Ari said...

Creepy!! I have to have it pitch black to sleep well, though.

Anonymous said...

You are so effing cute!

Anonymous said...

You are so effing cute... haha

I use to live in an apartment where a kid killed himself in the kitchen. I didn't find out until I started asking around because we were having really freaky things happening in the apartment. Mostly to me. There were whispers and more! We were the next people to live there after he killed himself. After I found that out, it was very hard to be alone, much less in the dark there. It was horrifying!

I have chills just thinking about this stuff. yikes

Christie said...

That creeps me out. When our son was little, he would follow things on the wall. We would watch and watch with him, but we never saw anything. He would point and say "hi" and we thought he was just nuts. But I read a book once that said spirits tend to show themselves to little children and "entertain" them I guess. Still, the thought that my baby was hanging out with spirits unnerved me.

bigbucketgirl said...

I just found your blog and i'm so glad i did! You are one funny girl!
When my husband is out of town i have to sleep with the tv on. I let my 3 kids sleep in complete darkness but i can't! I wasn't so bad until i saw the film 6th sense. Ah! I believe in ghosts etc. and swear i saw a boy by my bed once. kneeling down. i wasn't scared but when husband isn't snoring like a warthog next to me, as i said, the tv. is. ON!
off to read more of your writings...

Nocturnal said...

Interesting, I believe in ghosts actually. As for light, try candles as long as you have a solid base to put them on; burning the house down isn't a good thing.


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