Saturday, January 05, 2008

Tookie Tales

I don't usually advertise other people's blogs on here but you must go visit Tookie Tales. Give my Mama a little support yo. If you like me (and I know you do!) you'll like Tookie's posts. After all, I am her offspring and the apple don't fall far from the tree. (Meaning the tree is cool and quirky like me. Does that make sense? No? Shush.)

Tookie's a newbie here in blogsville so give her some slack and pay her a visit. Pronto.

Happy Saturday y'all. ;)


Open Grove Claudia said...

Great plug - especially for the night light buying Mummy!

Happy Weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

I payed your mother a visit.

Boy is she in for a shock if she visits my blog!

Steph said...

Your MUM!! Oh noes! methinks I best stay away :P

Kitty said...

Plugging other blogs is cool - I always like to pay new people a visit. Just off there now! x

Tookie Tail said...

Awww thanks, Jilly! I think your blog buddies must think I'm just an old fart! lol Shh...we'll let them find out for themselves, huh?!

Earric said...

I wish I could get my mom to do a blog. She seems to think blogs are for porn though. :(

Stacie said...

Any Mom of yours is a mom of mine! I'm on my way!

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