Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years Eve

The promised New Years pics. Told you I was a photowhore.

Friends of ours have a pretty little piece of property tucked away by the river and every year they build a huge bonfire for New Years Eve. I so wish I would have taken a picture of this monster. The pre-lit bonfire was easily 20 ft wide and 20 ft tall. Though it seems like we were alone in the photos, there's always a big group of us. We talk, laugh, throw poppers at the feet of the unsuspecting, knock back a few.

Will ya look at that? Babers is SMILING.

Mini had all the freedom to roam that night, leash free, but don't you know she stayed right underneath our feet the entire night? She's not too keen on the fireworks but if you picked her up and held her, she'd actually look in the sky at them going off. I swear it felt like she was our child that night. Good practice?

Yep, we start 'em out young in the country. Rednecks much? Check out the Hooters Edition Bud Light bottle. I jokingly told someone to save all their bottles because I was going to make a chandelier out of them. One of the women in the group actually believed me.

And yes - *sigh* - that's a fish mouth coozie. So what?

She is HUMAN I tell ya. Posing for the picture, that's my girl!

And this is my I've-had-one-too-many-glasses smile.

Did ya think there'd only be one midnight kiss? Psht!

I'm going to scrapbook one of those kissie shots like I did last year, try to start a little tradition of my own. Help me decide which one is better - the top one or this last one.

I know I said my resolution would be to lose 10 lbs, but I think I also want to add one more: To live one day at a time. I'm such a natural worry-wart and I've really got to stop thinking so damn much about the future. What ifs run through my mind constantly. I'm going to give myself a brain wrinkle if I don't get ahold of it. I'm sure I'll tack on a few more resolutions by the time one of those photos gets scrapped.

Wanted to share a pretty fire shot from earlier in the weekend:

So, I've got one question before I wrap this post up: How long can I keep my Christmas tree up before it becomes obnoxious?


Hammer said...

that bonfire looks nice and warm.

I thought that coozie was a dinosaur head.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Great post. I can feel the love.

Love the pics as always.

Oh, thanks for the clarification in your last post, btw.

Love your new avatar.

Happy New Year, RM!

Lad Litter said...

Tough choice but scrapbook the lower of the two photos. Your one-glass-too-many smile is fine. It's when your eyes are crossed that it's a dead giveaway!

Grilled Pizza said...

January 6th for the tree, its twelfth night and 2nd photo!
Great post, wish i had taken photos new year, we had a party and i had that one too many glasses look too lol

NamesAreHardToPick said...

Damn girl, that is one fine man. Any kiss from a guy like that, and you will easily have a happy new year.

travistee said...

YOU are so gorgeous!

Real Live Lesbian said...

I vote for the top pic, but personally I like the I've had beers smile! ;)

Damn girl...get that tree DOWN! It's time to start prepping them for Valentine's Day!!!!

Stacie said...

I LOVE the top pic best! Looks like you guys had so much fun! You dog is a hoot! you'll get no judgements from me about the fishmouth coozie...I don't use them at all, in fact I hate them, but if I could find an alien head you can darn well bet you sweet bippie I'd be using it! :)


Kitty said...

I vote for the top picture, but they're both lovely. You are both SO photogenic. Oh and get that tree down! x

Anonymous said...

Keep your tree up year round.Just decorate it for every season and holiday. That way you'll never have to take it down.

Happy New Year!

random moments said...

hammer - I'm sure they make dino-coozies. I would if it would be inappropriate to get my 7 yr old nephew one. J/k.

LBB - Great. Now I have Elton John's song in my head. Glad ya like the photos! Happy New Year back at ya.

lad litter - I do get a bit of a lazy eye when I get sleepy while drunken. But I guess that's normal.

grilled pizza - sometimes its so much of a hassle to be the photographer so I like to pass my camera off on people and see what's in there at the end of the night, like a little present! Jan 6th - I like that answer!

Names - He is a fine one, isn't he? Hey, if you can look good in a beanie you gots to be handsome.

travistee - Shaddup! YOU ARE GORGEOUS!! ;p

rll - Awww but I don't wanna! I know I should but how do you decorate for V Day anyways? Advice please!

stace - thanks girlie! It took me a while to get used to the coozies too but J insists. I even have a pink LSU one now - he put, er I mean Santa put it in my stocking!

kitty - okay okay, two against one. Guess I better get it down... ;) Oh and thanks for the sweet compliments!

p - Holy crap. I like the way you think, Woman.

Christie said...

Personally, I like the second one. As for the tree, honey, it's past obnoxious now. It's Jan. 3. That thing has got to be super dry by now. Let it go, you can a new one in 11 months.

Open Grove Claudia said...

You guys are so very cute! Hurray for New Years and Hurray for kisses. I'm glad you found each other again.

Nocturnal said...

Very cool pics (literally, looks freezing). You guys rock.


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