Monday, January 28, 2008

Its hot. Don't deny it.

Nocturnal Tendencies has called upon his fellow bloggers to follow him in showing our lighthearted side. His rules state to keep it simple, a goofy photo showing the silly, lighthearted side of you shall do. I am personally begging you all to play along in an attempt to share in the embarrassment.

You lucky reader get two for the price of one!

That's my sis on the left. If you know me at all, you know I have tons of these ridiculous photos of us. It started Christmas of 2006 when Jason got me my first digital camera. (Thanks babe!)

Anyways, hope you all play along!

Digi cam update: Grrrr!!! I didn't pay much attention as to how my fabulous camera would be delivered. Fed Ex delivery, signature only. So I see the doortag at 5:30 after work that says "Sorry we missed you!" and try the 1-800 number to track down my camera. They give me an address where my camera is being held but tell me to dial 4 for store hours and phone number for that location. No luck. They don't offer the number. So then I call a nearby Fed Ex and ask if they know the number. They do but can't give it out. (What??) Its their storage shipping place. I get directions and the hours and race over trying to beat the dark. I find the place and give them my door tag. Ten minutes later a guy comes out with my door tag but no package. Tells me its not in this unit but the express unit, which closes at 5:00. Argh!!!

I just feel so bad, my poor little cam sitting in that big warehouse all alone, just waiting to meet her mama. I can't help but think "Is she hungry? Is she scared? Does she need me?"

I'll try again tomorrow. *sigh*


Nocturnal said...

Way to go Jillie and your sis to boot, well done you guys. Thanks for playing.


Anonymous said...

I came over from Christie's blog and was a little frightened by this image when the page opened lol

Looks like you guys are having fun!

Kitty said...

You're still gorgeous, even when you're pulling a silly face.

Hope you manage to get your camera soon - how frustrating! x

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! I love it! I am totally doing this! :-D I have goofy pictures like crazy.

And you are so adorable with the camera! I drag mine EVERYWHERE with me. Even if I know I am not going to use it.... it is there. LOL I can't help it. I feel bad when it is home alone! :-D

fatwonkkid said... really can get those eyes of your super crossed!

Very often I get pissed off at UPS. A lot of times expensive pacakges, that require signatures are left with out any. Sometimes they leave the little "we stopped by" note without even attempting to ring the door bell. Sometimes they deliver it to the wrong door, even though there is a note telling them what door to deliver it.

So whenever we get a UPS delivery, I always stay on top of when it is going to be delivered.

Open Grove Claudia said...

I did just this when I waited for my Nikon film camera - 650 years ago. Six months from now? You'll never remember that you missed a day. I'm so glad you have something exciting to look forward to!

I do love the photos of you! I just so hate having my picture made that.... (wrinkling my nose)... yeah funny pictures ain't happening!

-Papa said...

Can you make one eyeball point up and the other down? If you can do that you've got serious skills. ;D

Doc said...

Cute pic... Love the crossed eyes!

random moments said...

noc - you're welcome! It was fun digging up silly photos.

birdman - sorry about the scare! Thanks for stopping by. :)

kitty - aw shucks. yep, got it this morning. I'm just itching to go home and play now!

kelly - ha! I have a feeling it will be the same with me, like my little child...

fatwonkkid - yeah I always worry about having things shipped because of my past experiences.

claudia - aw pooh. Just one? ;)

papa - well then it seems I have serious skills then! I can roll them around in different directions. Freaks my family out. I'm sure J loves it.

doc - thank ya!

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