Thursday, January 17, 2008

Catching Up

I feel like I haven't been a very good blogger lately. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who hone in on one thing at a time and usually don't pop up for breath until I've run it into the ground. My latest addiction is making my jewelry again. I've gotten a few more orders and put a couple things on Ebay. Not sure if I'm going to add more, the listing fees will eat you up. I'm hoping to have my camera by the end of the month and after I take photos I'll have them up on a selling site. Check out the goodies I get to play with. Can you blame me?

A few things going on. Let's start with work. My boss may have multiple personalities. I know this because out of the blue he has become a very tolerable, NICE, easy to work for human being. You remember the boss stories, don't you? Well, he still does really unmannerly things. Example? How about when he comes into my office after he's heard me open a 100 Calorie pack. As he walks in I can see his eyes searching my desk for that tiny packet of snacks and before I know it he's shoved his fat fingers into it, grabbing half the snacks. I mean, SERIOUSLY. Who does that?? Its MY snack damn it. There's an entire box of them in the pantry! I throw the bag out when he walks out the room cuz we all know he doesn't wash his hands after he pees. *bleh* I found myself hiding my Lean Cuisine today because of this habit of his. I'm going to develop food aggression if he doesn't stop.

But, I should stop here because I'm trying to reflect on the good of the moment. It may not last long and I want to enjoy it. My boss has let me off early most days this week, says please and thank you, has ceased yelling my name repeatedly from down the hall with guests in his presence until I am standing before him, AND - here's the big one - he has not asked me to copy one thing this whole week! Yes people, he has been copying everything on his own! Its amazing.

Next I want to announce two small goals I've made for myself as of today.

Goal #1 - Starting Weight Watchers again. I took a break from it for the holidays and after losing 10 lbs on it. I'm back in the gym and also went to my first (second-first?) weigh in this evening. I'm always amazed at how great I feel when I'm eating according to their points system along with steady exercise. I'm ready for that again!

Goal #2 - I've just sent a request to be a part of EveryDayKindness. Its a site Claudia at On A Limb started at the beginning of the year which documents her small or large acts of kindness daily. She has invited others to join her and I want on the bandwagon. I read her blogs daily and often think about what I do to make someone smile or make someone's day better and decided to just jump in.

I'm starting small on my kindness. Today I thanked my boss for his change this week. As a small act of kindness to myself I walked the track for 30 minutes. I can already feel the benefits of this. I have also said a little prayer for a fellow blogger who has recently had a health scare. I won't advertise, but my penpal knows who she is.

On a different note, I'm visiting Babers this weekend. I'm looking forward to monkey arms wrapping me up upon my arrival, as well as a greeting from the pack of dogs living in the area. If Woody starts peeing on my tire, I'll kick him in the hiney. I can't wait to see the newborn puppies mothered by a cute stray hound-type I recently tagged as Lady. Funny enough, after I named her we started noticing her nips getting puffy! (Guess she's not so much of a lady, is she now?) I'm also looking forward to sitting by the fire at night with my glass of wine and my guy, possibly with a Mini Monster on my lap. There is no burning light of a city to spoil the beautiful starry sky where he lives. Yet another thing I'm looking forward to.

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!! *kisses!*


Grilled Pizza said...

Have a great weekend :0)

Kitty said...

Hey RM, I'm wondering if you'd do better at selling your stuff at ETSY - it's a showcase for everything hand-made, and I'm seriously considering it for my crafty bits. Your jewellery is beautiful and I'm sure you'd find a ready audience for it there.

Good luck with the diet/exercise thing - you look pretty darned good already to me. And have a great weekend with your man. x

Tex's Missus said...

Hey RM, your weekend sounds blissful; have a wonderful time with your man :)
And good for you re: the exercise and healthy eating plan - it is amazing how much better we feel about ourselves when we get back into a more healthful routine - even before the scales register a loss, the "feel-goods" that result are worth sacrificing the wine and chocolate and the time on the couch in front of the TV (well, mostly :-) ...

Tex's Missus said...

p.s. I've just checked ebay and realised you don't send outside the US - awww, never mind, I'll continue to admire via Blogland :)

Christie said...

I love the idea of that site. I feel like lately it's been about me too much, maybe I'll get better vibes if I put them out there, too. I am going to your e-bay site soon to see what you have out there. You know I really want that turquoise set you just made!

Good luck on your improved healthful outlook. It sounds like you are going into it with a very bright view and that will sure help.

random moments said...

gp - You too! :)

kitty - Its so funny you say that! The selling site I was speaking of was Etsy! I really love the feel of that site altogether - you should definitely put your pretties on there too.

tex's missus - oops! Not something I meant to do on ebay. I'll fix that, but if u want to wait for all the goodies I'll have them up soon on Etsy.

Thankfully I'm not much on chocolate but mainly just food in general! :) And the couch can be my best friend/worst enemy most days. *sigh* Day 1, here we go!

christie - I feel really good about doing it too. It will make me more cautious of other's needs I think. Join me if you'd like - I could use a partner on this one. :)

Shoot me an email if you'd like that turquoise set girlie!

jason said...

What about Bubba? There's nothing like a Great Dane headbutting you in the stomach. Or the crotch depending on your height. I cant wait to love on my baby!

-Papa said...

You and Babbers have a great weekend, and hopefully your boss is "stuck" in this mode.

Doc said...

That is just gross about your boss reaching into your 100 cal pack.


Kind Claudia said...

Hurray for you!! Good for you for making the effort to grow. WW is such a smart way to diet and exercise is really my favorite!

I've added you to the Everyday kindness Blogroll and will send you and email this weekend with some links and stuff. Welcome welcome! One tiny step at a time, the world becomes a bit kinder. Hurray.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Yippee for some hot loving! ;)

Anonymous said...

You are a great role model for me!

Your jewelry is so beautiful! You should be able to make millions from it. :o) Good Luck!

As far as your boss goes...hide a mouse trap in your next cookie pouch.That should teach him a lesson about swiping other peoples food.

♥♥♥ A- Licious ♥♥♥ said...

okay i am new to your blog - found you by way of your penpal (i think)
i loved your comment and the name of your blog, i myself am so random it is scares people - i think?

any hoo - i so enjoyed your blog (adorable!) and will have to catch up on the boss stories (do you think he might have found your blog and that is why he is being NICE ...hehehehe) humm....

as for the jewelry - awesome my gf does it and she is so talented her stuff sells before she can even make it - great fun!

here is to a new found blog-a-licious blogger! *cheers* ;o)

Amy xoxoxox

Christie said...

Just so you know, I bid on those earrings! I know my friend would love them. I'm crossing my fingers!

Anonymous said...

I just heart you so much! hahaha

and claudia. :-)

Steph said...

Good luck with the weight loss. I really need to start exercising again but I just can't get motivated.

Stacie said...

OMHeavens...I read the first paragraph of this the other day, hit the link for ebay and one thing led to another and I never came back and read the rest of this post. So many comments, I'll skip my feelings on your boss, and go for the Thank you ;) and also the health thing...GOOD FOR YOU! You go girl! I did the WW points thing and I loved it. I'm on Nutrisystem right now and loving it as well, but the excercise thing is what I need a buddy for.. Wanna be my buddy? I did 2 miles on the treadmill at home yesterday and 2 miles on the treadmill at the gym today PLUS swimming laps at the gym. We could figure out some sort of motivational buddy system thing...What say you?


Simply Curious said...

Bad blogger. Bad bad bad. *little slap on the hand*

I want a necklace for my birthday! (see how fast I recover from being angry? Shiny things...ooooo)

Open Grove Claudia said...

heya - I hope you are super erm relaxed (?) after you loving weekend! :)

I left you a little present on my blog!

Nocturnal said...

Sounds like you're weekend turned out just fine, outing and all.


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