Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007

At last - photos from my third annual Christmas party - grrrr!!! I've been trying to post this for two days. Slide finally let me win.

It was a really long party after a really long day of preparation, but it turned out great. Even Mini had a good time - she's quite the entertainer. Ameretto Sours, a little frou frou wine, Crown, pesto cheese spreads and lots of vain people (sadly including myself) taking lots of photos. Thankfully this year we didn't spill over into the courtyard - it was nice to have a smaller, close-knit group this time with mainly family and friends we spend most of our weekends with. It was a blast - I laughed so much my face hurt!

At a little after one in the morning, one of the guys in the group rounded everyone up and hollered "time to call it quits people!" He later told us when he saw me fighting to keep my eyes open and J with his eyes closed and head on my shoulder that it was time to leave. Guess we're getting old! (We're okay with it though.)

So a few people have asked what I got for Christmas from Babers... so, I can't hold it in any longer. I had hoped to keep it a secret, keep it to myself for a little bit to cherish, but alas I must fess up and let everyone know... that J got me... an iPod Nano!!!!! YES!!!! Oh, did you think he got me something else? heh heh.

This little puppy is the shizzle! (Fo rizzle.) I loaded all my music on it and even some photos. I have space for 2,000 songs but only have 68. *snort* I know, sad right? I'm thinking about starting a little mp3 exchange with some people, maybe an MP3 Monday exchange of sorts where a little group of us email everyone one song a week or month from their collection. Is that a safe thing? I'm sort of in the dark about all this stuff. Somebody please give me the knowledge. Also, let me know if you're interesting in participating.

And of course, J got me the second season of our FAVORITE SHOW: The Office!! I'm so excited to watch this, you have no idea. When the office comes on tv I'm in ackward humor heaven and then BAM, its over in 30 minutes. But the w h o l e s e a s o n - laaaaaaaa!!!! (Hear the angels singing?) I can see it now. J and I sitting beside each other watching it, leaning over waiting for the next unbearably uncomfortable moment, me covering my eyes cuz I just can't take it but can't look away!!! J yelling at me to MOVE MY HANDS! Me squealing because Michael is just so freaking ackward. Does anyone else feel this way about The Office? PLEASE TELL ME SO.

I won't keep you much longer but I just have to share one special moment Babers and I had this weekend. We had Friday through Wednesday together, both of us taking off a little extra time to spend together. Before he left Wednesday we got to talking about house plans. J really wants to build a home together and has a few ideas in mind. He grabbed a sheet of paper and sketched his ideas on paper. He then passed me the pen and asked what I wanted. Doing that together was just so touching and exciting for me. I guess it made something we've talked about doing in the future seem a little more real and a little closer. :)


Tookie Tail said... was well worth the wait! Love the pics! :hehe: Now I need to get my blog going, huh?
Love you, Jilly!

Hammer said...

I really like that slideshow format.

I got the office DVDs too. I've never seen it so I'll check it out.

Open Grove Claudia said...

I guess I'll take a nano as bling.... no diamonds? sigh. I love that you guys are talking about the future and making plans. That's just delicious. Is there a date for said future? I guess I don't know why he lives so far away. Details. I'm hella nosey!

I loved the pictures. I'm glad I can back to see them. I like the way J looks at you - very sweet.

Simply Curious said...

Uh oh. He let YOU sketch what you want? I'm afraid. Very afraid.

It sounds like the evening was awesome. Every time I look at your blog with so many pictures on it, I feel like I owe you one of me. Maybe I'll take one of myself tomorrow just to send you. Have a happy new year, girlie!

p.s. You best smile award looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you had a nice long holiday together! Party looked like fun!

Is that your momma up there? haha! I got my mom into blogging to. ;-) bloggy soulmates!

Big plans for the new year?

random moments said...

tookie tail - yes, get moving Mama! Loves you back!

hammer - ah, an Office newbie. You'll either hate it or LOVE it!

claudia - No bling. But, I'm not anxious for it - I can see the future more clearly and its closer now. You'll be the first to know when I do receive bling!! hehe!

I think I'll do a post on the whole long distance thing with J, put people in the know!

Oh, and J's gaze? Melts me!! :)

simple curious - oh goodie! I'm a picture WHORE. I adore taking and looking at photos. I'd love a pic of you!! And yeah, the award rocks!

kellers - I heart your new blog concept!! Is the other one still going too?

Yes, Mommy's gonna be a blogger too! I love it! (Little nervous about her eyes on some my content though, ha! She's cool tho.)

New Years - Big bon fire at a friend's house I think. What about you and Sweetness?

Anonymous said...

random- it is for now. I am going to convert it to a photoblog soon though. Livejournal lets me blog during work, AND it doesn't mess with my spacing!!!

Don't link me for a while though. I'm still on the DL. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Had a great time looking at all those pictures.

You are beautiful girl!

Good luck with the house.That is exciting news.

Kitty said...

You and your friends have to be the most photogenic party guests ever! I'm so glad you all had a good time.

Oh and by the way - to me an iPod id uber-new technical! :-) x

Real Live Lesbian said...

Enjoy the time off and the planning! Sounds like a blast!

And iPods are the shizzle...especially the new ones!

Christie said...

Awesome pictures! And I'm so happy for you guys and your house plans. I would love to build a house with my hubby, but we have totally different ideas about how we want it.

Simply Curious said...

Somehow I managed to misplace your email and you STILL haven't posted one that I can find. Shoot me a line and I'll send you one that isn't of my ass later on this evening.

Steph said...

Awww you two are just too cute! Loving the new template here too, very nice.

Have a great NYE xx

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