Monday, December 31, 2007

A Message from the Mini Monster

hey crazy pups,

I've made a resolution this year: to try my best to magically become hypoallergenic for my Mama. She's been scratching her eyes and sneezing like crazy lately! In the meantime, anyone got any suggestions for a good allergy med that won't put her to sleep?

A puppy note for tonight: party your tail off, but be careful out there! Looking back on my wilder days, I know its better to be safe than sorry.

Happy New Years everyone! Take it away Mama.




Thanks my lil' girl. I hope you can stick to your resolution. This year my resolution is to lose another 10 lbs. It was pretty easy to lose the first 10, so hell, why not be a little more ambitious? I'm expecting to frolick around in my swimsuit this summer without being paranoid about how wide my ass looks to those behind me. I think I'll keep to this one. (With the help of WW, duh.)

What's your resolution?

Sitting here with Babers right now, our fourth day in a row together. You'd think we'd be wrapped up, right? Nope. He's playing his new PSP toy and I'm, yep, making jewelry and blogging. :) We're just saving up for tonight. We've got a huge bonfire to spend the evening in front of - J says its easily 40 foot wide and 20 foot tall, full of wood, branches and Christmas trees ready for burning. I just love the country life. *sigh* Hopefully I'll get a few good photos out of tonight to share.

Hope everyone has an awesome New Years Eve!!!




Real Live Lesbian said...

That bonfire sounds fantastic! Happy New Year!

Open Grove Claudia said...

Great new photo! Have you tried nettles for your allegies. It's an herb - works really well. Otherwise, I hope you have a fun night! No cougars in thongs! Only kisses at midnight and delicious memories.

Happy New Year!

Kitty said...

RM ... there is no way you need to lose weight! You look gorgeous!

I hope you and J have a wonderful evening and wish you a very happy new year. x

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I use Allegra, and it works wonders without making me drowsy. It is a prescription though. Claritin isn't bad though.

Good luck with that. I know how you feel. Allergic here too. Living with my mom and her two cats has been nothing but a constant sinus infection from all the allergies! YUCK!

I hope you have a great New Year. I will be curled up on the couch with I mean Lovemonkey... watching movies and drinking champagne while he forces me to make some resolutions. haha!

Anonymous said...

btw. I love you minners posts. they are so cute. It makes me want to copy you with an Emily post.

RoxRocks said...

I'm just sitting here trying to stay warm and not let my runny nose drip on my keyboard.

Habby Dew Year.

(I hab a code.)

Nocturnal said...

I bought my favourite sister (yes I only have one) an Air Purifier for XMAS. She has the same problem and it actually worked pretty well for her.

This is the one:

Happy New Year you guys, all the best in 2008.


Hammer said...

Theres nothing like a winter bonfire.

I've been taking the knock off brand benedryl every four hours for my allergies. The doc says there isn't anything much better.

Cute pup!

Christie said...

Allergy shots, babe, allergy shots. We did get a hypoallergenic dog, but Jay is still going to take shots so that we can eventually get another dog. If you stick with them, you can start feeling completely better around all animals within 6 months.

jason said...

Love the Mini-post. I didnt know she could type. Maybe now I could try to get her to do my paperwork for me. Come here Mini, do daddys work, good girl, wanna treat?

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