Monday, December 10, 2007

Tagged! Christmas Meme - updated*

Names tagged me with a cool Christmas meme he created himself. After you read mine (ladies first!) go check out his interesting answers.

When people say Christmas you immediately think ...

Lights, giving presents, fuzzy sweaters, spending time with family. Christmas used to bring a bit of anxiety, but then I started purchasing all presents before the month of December. Now I really enjoy the season and just roll around in the beautiful color, yummy smells, and tons of cracking up that I know will come Christmas eve with my family.

Favorite Christmas memory

I already mentioned my favorite memory on a previous post, but I'll just elaborate: me and my two younger siblings waking each other up at the crack of dawn to sneak into my parents room to wake them so we could see what Santa brought. We'd crawl in real quiet, hiding under the sides of my parents' waterbed and would simultaneously jump in, all three of us busting out laughing. What a sight it was when we were too old for the tradition - three teenage children throwing their bodies onto the waterbed with two adults already occupying it, the water slinging our weight around, my daddy waking up yelling "You're going to make me SICK!", my mother giggling and telling our father not to fuss, its Christmas for chrissakes! I love, love, LOVE that memory.

Favorite Christmas Song/Carol

Silent Night or Drummer Boy. I love when Christmas music is playing around my sister and I, we always pretend to have the prettiest voices, singing at the highest volume possible before turning my brother into the grinch.

Favorite Christmas movie

I haven't watched a Christmas movie in ages, probably because they were crammed down our throats as children. The children's channels all played non-stop themed movies during the season, so at our age it wasn't like we could just switch the channel over to HBO or something.

Favorite Christmas character

Santa of course!

Favorite Christmas ornament/object

The Saints santa hat Babers picked up our first Christmas.

Plans for this Christmas

I'll have my annual crazy party the Saturday before Christmas. Christmas Eve is also J's mom's birthday, so lunch with her and dinner with my family that evening for our present exchange. Christmas Day is still up in the air for us, but most likely J and I will be stretched out between the two families.

Is Christmas your favorite holiday?

It hasn't always been, but now that I have someone new to spoil rotten at Christmas and snuggle in front of the fireplace with, hell yeah its my favorite now!

I forgot to tag some peeps for this one, so here goes:

Kelly at Cheaper than a Happy Meal - Don't deny it, you love memes! Yes you do, oh yes you do -- *cough*
Christie at Come on, Fall with Me
Kitty at Kitty's Bloggy Bits
Ari at Overthunk

I also want to tag Fatwonkkid and Papa, but I'm not sure if they are meme kinda guys. So if you two are, go for it! And of course, anyone else I didn't tag should run with it too! *muah*


fatwonkkid said...

I like Christmas Snoopy!

jason said...

My fave Christmas movie has to be Badder Santa with ol' Billy Bob Thorton. Thats going to be a classic and we're going to play it for our kids every Christmas.

itisthelittlethings said...

I love your Christmas memory with your siblings and parents. One day, you'll be making a few of your own with your own little ones.
It happens before you know it!

Kitty said...

Cool - that looks like fun. Thanks for thinking of me. Your answers were fun - I'm not sure mine will be that interesting!

Take care :-) x

Nocturnal said...

You definitely have some good memories Jillie, that's very cool. Christmas is a close second to Halloween for me, it's the best.


-Papa said...

When people say Christmas you immediately think...
"Oh Shit..,"

Favorite Christmas memory?
The Tree with presents underneath it.

Favorite Christmas Song/Carol?
I have two. The first being Albert Finney singing I hate people and Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song.

Favorite Christmas movie?
I'll tell you a couple lines from my favorite Christmas movie, and see if you can guess it,
"...You'll put your eye out."
"...Oh Fuuuuuhdge. But I didn't say Fudge."

Favorite Christmas character?
The Ghost of Christmas Future.

Favorite Christmas ornament/object?
My presents.

Plans for this Christmas?
Staying in town this year, and kickin' back with the local family.

Is Christmas your favorite holiday?
Thanksgiving. That month also holds my birfday.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Hi RM. I'm off to read your last few posts.

Great memory of you, the sibs and the waterbed.

I'm going to consider this meme you tagged me with. But I'm so, so lazy.

Stacie said...

You have some fun Christmas memories and stories. I love to hear how other people celebrate their Christmas's! Awsome post.

NamesAreHardToPick said...

I'd bet that V-Day is your close second favorite holiday right?

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