Sunday, December 09, 2007

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

So I made the trekk to Baber's domain this weekend. I've only been once and had forgotten the drive. Windows down, Depeche Mode blaring in the cd player - All I eva wanted, all I eva needed is here, in myyy aaarrmmms - sorry, where was I? Oh yeah. 80 miles an hour on a smooth country road with nothing but rice fields and the occasional old, beautiful rustic home standing alone.

Sounds beautiful, right? That's because there's a little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Screeech. Y'all. I so cannot take credit for that precious statement above. My guy actually told me that as I was talking to him on the way back home to my apartment.

J: You forgot your jeans babe.
Me: Which ones?
J: The blue ones.


J: With the tan belt?
Me: Oh okay. Well, just bring them back here with you next weekend? *pause* This is a pretty drive, but a long one. I just don't know how you do this every weekend.
J: I do it because of the little pot of gold at the end.

Cha-ching. Automatic deposit in J's love account.

Is this the right trail?

Babers and I went 4 wheeler riding at a nearby campground about an hour away. The map of the trail doesn't look threatening, but about an hour and a half of bouncing on trails plagued with huge tree roots (with no sports bra on people) and flicking spiders off of each other, we were beginning to think otherwise.

Everything looked the same. Didn't we just pass that spot? I kept thinking. A couple of riders stopped to say hello as J was peering at our map and asked if we were lost. We asked how far camp was: 11 miles?? J's office Christmas party was only two and a half hours away and things were not looking good. Even though we didn't voice it, I knew J was a little worried too. I wondered, if we ended up really getting lost, how long could we survive on a sandwich, 8 beers, two bottles of water and a Diet Dr Pepper? Really?

We eventually got out of there and made it to the party fashionably late. *whew*

And now for a few photos from the weekend.

Y'all. This dog stands face to face with J. Twice this weekend he bumped into me and caused me to stumble. His name? Bubba.

Welcome to Louisiana baby.

J's landlord owns a gizallion acres of land which he rents off to people. On a piece of this guy's land is a farm. Swear. This dude has pigs, sheep, goats, horses, cows, ducks, and a donkey. I shit you not. He actually owns a donkey. Quite charming creatures, actually. And now for a little photo essay of the farm:

This little piggy's name is Bacon. Really. (I apologize in advance for any vegetarian readers I may have. Its not my pig.)

This photo makes me smile every time I look at it.

Say hello to Jack the jacka-- you get the picture. He was actually really cute. Kind of like babies are when their heads are too big for their bodies. Ears too, in Jack's case.

One more to leave you with.

Heeerrreee's Johnny!

I'm sure I'll come back to post more about this weekend, it was too awesome for just one post. Boiled shrimp by the fire, clear starry nights in the double canvas chair with J, surrounded by Mini and the gang... what more can a southern girl ask for?

I mean, really?

P.S. - Look at the sweet tag Simply Curious made for me on my side bar. How can I possibly stay down when I've got lovelys like her to cheer me up? Thanks again SC! ((hugs))


NamesAreHardToPick said...

I think that's the first time I've ever seen a Donkey like that. Wow, that's quite a place!

You've been tagged!

Anonymous said...

Is it me or do all of the animals seem like they are smiling? It is so freaking cute!

Stacie said...

Wow..sounds like a wonderful fun weekend. I haven't been 4 wheeling in YEARS! I used to love it. LOVE it! and those farm animals? Oh I would pretty much be in heaven. Bacon...ROFLMAO..that's a funny name for a pig..someone had a sense of humour!

RoxRocks said...

Lots of cattle farmers have donkeys here. They keep the coyotes at bay. Seriously!

Goats freak me out with their weird double pupils!

J always seems to know what to say. I say hang on to that one, girl!

-Papa said...

That looks like a really nice ass Babers is petting. Have your or Babers ever ridden that ass? That ass looks super friendly, and I bet that ass is strong and firm. I'd ride that ass, but my donkey is a bit big, so I'd probably break that ass' back. Really, my donkey probably weighs more than that ass and it's mama combined, so I'll stick to petting that ass and shoving carrots into it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

I enjoyed the photos you posted.

Can't wait to hear more about your weekend.

Kitty said...

Awww, sweet pictures RM ... and that man of yours really has a way with words ;-) x

Hammer said...

Bacon lol well at least it helps the pig get used to the idea ;)

random moments said...

names - It was my first live donkey experience. Hee haw! Thanks for the tag. :)

kelly - they all seemed so happy, rolling around in mud, chewing on grass. Really puts things into perspective huh? lol.

stacie - I love it too. Its a bit of adventure, nature and speed all wrapped into one. And about Bacon - J told me his brother's name was Pork Chop!

roxrocks - Is THAT what is so creepy about the eyes of a goat?? I was kinda weirded out but couldn't place why.

papa - you're such an ass. *snort* But a funny one.

pre pon - thanks, but not nearly s funny as your recent post. hee hee.

kitty - he does, doesn't he? Shall I keep him? ;)

hammer - Maybe that's why they roll around in mud all the time, cuz they know. They're trying their hardest to turn us off of the idea with all that stank.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Ah... pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.... ah....

itisthelittlethings said...

Oh look! Everyone's in love in your pics! :):):)

Nocturnal said...

I *love* that jack ass, those beasties rock. And DM, very nice; you guys have great taste.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Sounds like a blast. 4x4ing on a muddy trail in the woods. Freggin' great.

Cute pics of the farm animals.

Stacie said...

um...your use of the word "was" disturbes me. LOL

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