Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thursday 13 - Presents for Loved Ones

I'm seriously running out of ideas for my Thursday Thirteens but can't bear the thought of retiring from it altogether. So, this one will be less about me and more about my loved ones.

13 Presents Under the Tree for My Loved Ones

1. A multi-photo frame for my sister which consists of photos of her, her little one (Toot), her niece, and of course I threw one in of her and I as well cause you know we take some gorgeous photos! *snort* I cropped and backed each photo with this really funky scrap paper that I thought looked like her. She just got a new place so I'm helping her decorate! Oh, and I made her a pink pearl cha cha ring too.

2. My Maw Maw is sooo hard to buy for so I bought her a jar of La Madeline's delicious tomato basil soup, some prissy gold earrings and I also made some glazed pecans that I placed in a festive tin for her. She's a foodie like me!

3. A vanity mirror for my mom. It was a request, but I always like to give gifts that aren't on the list, so I ordered a PostSecret book for her as well. She loves to read and is a creative soul as well, so I'm hoping she'll like.

4. My little brother gets a 80's Rock Ballad cd this year. My ears perked up one day when he mentioned how much he loves the older rock like Whitesnake and Damn Yankees. "Its about time you got better taste" I ribbed him. (He used to listen to rap.)

5. My sister in law gets some funky furry purple slippers and a necklace and earring set I made for her. I know, you're thinking "slippers??" but this is SO up her alley. She practically lives in slippers and wears them out with the quickness.

6. My daddy is getting a buck knife from Cabella's. I refused to go in with my siblings yet another year on something he basically picked out himself at Home Depot or Sears. I was so not buying the "I need t-shirts and socks" spill either. Get over it. You're getting a bad ass pocket knife and that's final.

7. Toot (my precious nephew) is getting the Transformers DVD and a obnoxiously HUGE dinosaur. What? Oh! No, its a fake one.

8. Babers is getting Sirius radio for his truck. Yes I know he reads my blog but he already knows what he's getting. I hate that he does, but it was one of those things I was uncertain about buying and knew he really wanted it. Besides, he doesn't know the other presents he's getting. *rubbing hands together*

9. My aunt and uncle are getting some fleur de lis houseware, including a beautimous fleur de lis wrought iron key holder. Their entire house is packed with knick-knacks and beautiful art work, so I'm sure this will just add to the collection!

10. My brother and sis-in-law are also receiving a handmade scrapbook of their new baby girl, who's turning a year old this Christmas. I'm wrapping it and tagging it to be from Kaiter Butt, as if she made it herself, and I even kid-scrawled the name tag to read "To Mama & Dada From Kaitlyn". *squeal* I love it!

11. Kaiter Butt (my new baby niece) is getting the DVD collection of Elmo's World. I hear this and Baby Einstein are pure genius and can entertain and educate your little one for hours.

12. The Mini Monster got a new plaid flannel pillow puppy bed. I gave it to her early because she didn't have a bed of her own here yet. And now since I love her, I decided it was time for us to take the next step in our relationship which was buying her a bed for my place. Kind of like giving your boyfriend a key to the apartment.

13. J's parents are getting a beautiful colored glass fleur de lis cookie jar. Its one of those beauties that you can use as a centerpiece even, its so decorative. I also had some prints of me and Babers photos done and I'm giving them a frame with a photo of us in it. J's mom has a ginormous book case with all kinds of photos of his younger brother and his girlfriend. Well, I wanna be on the bookshelf toooo.... *crossing arms and pouting*

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I have lots of party preparation and house cleaning to do before this weekend, so I may be MIA for a few days, but I will surely be visiting blogs in the meantime (meaning at the office).

I just wanted to tell everyone Merry Christmas!!! or if you celebrate something other than Christmas, cheers to that as well! Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday filled with lots of love, presents, and enough goodies for a little jeans-unbuttoning. Hee hee.

Hugs & bloggy kisses,



Stacie said...

Oh Jill, you HAVE to take photos of the jewelry you make! And that scrapbook idea is FABULOUS! I LOVE IT! You got some very thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list! GREAT TT! I should do TT this week...I'll have to think on it..

Nocturnal said...

Cool Dino, I love those beasties.

Happy Holidays 2U and yours Jillie.


Dan said...

Would you please adopt me so that I can get some of this booty! :)

My officemate at work, who is 58, bought the Transformers DVD for himself today! :)

Kitty said...

I'm with Stacie - can we see some of your jewellery? I think handmade gifts are probably the nicest of all because they convey so much more thought, though it sounds like you've thought carefully about all your gifts.

I'm sure all your family will love what you've chosen for them. :-) x

Christie said...

You are so crafty! I am always impressed with crafty people. I can barely write my name and make it look pretty. I would love to see pictures of the jewelery you make. My mom is a jewelery whore and loves switching things up, maybe she'd like some of your stuff.

moooooog35 said...



DAMMIT - I KNEW I forgot to do something!

Anonymous said...

You certainly went to a lot of trouble to do all that. I especially liked the dinosaur.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

What thoughtful gift ideas.

I got Sirius for my car 2 years ago. Those douche bags copulated me out of my rebate, but the service was good!

Anonymous said...

I hope none of your loved ones read your blog or they are going to know what they are getting! LOL

marky said...

Can i lurk here? You're cute.

-Papa said...

That handmade scrapbook is DA SHIZZLE. Best present out of the bunch.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Well fuck me. I can't believe I missed this yesterday - sorry. What are you getting J? You are a great shopper - very thoughtful.

Merry Christmas!

Hammer said...

Great stuff. You'll have some happy recipients :)

Merry Christmas!

travistee said...

Merry Christmas chickie. I've moved blogs, come visit.

Ari said...

You're definitely a thoughtful giver. Those are more and more rare in this age of giftcards. :)

Anonymous said...

I want to be on YOUR gift list! For that nice red painting you have in you apartment. ;-)

Simply Curious said...

I wanted a giant dinosaur, rock em sock em robots and a talking Donkey doll for Christmas and I didn't get any of them. Doesn't quite seem fair, now does it?

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