Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blog Not Found

I feel a bit more secure about posting The L Word. After a few people commented that it can be found, I did some serious googling. My real name isn’t on here. I’m listed under a nickname that J doesn’t know about. He doesn’t know the name of my blog. I think I’m safe.

However, this concern for the finding of my blog has created a whole new level of paranoia for me. If you know me well, and there are a few people on here that do, then you know I’m already a worry wart. I find myself being censored now. I hate it.


Romantic Fool said...

Don't censor yourself. There is no need to do that. As stated before, these are comments that he may find out later anyway. Remember, honesty is the key to a good relationship. Although there is no time table on when that honesty needs to be given! Don't worry, he'll never get the name of your blog out of me! He'll have to torture me first!

James said...


No I agree. Your secret is safe with me too. I won't sell you off to no one out west here.

Tadlee said...

I brainstormed on how I would find a blog outside googling names and places (hey, I'm a problem solver).

If you want to be totally safe, take your job title, city and unique favorites off your profile. If someone had research skills and searched profiles of major blog sites, they might chance across your profile and reason that it's yours (especially if your job title is there).

That said though, you should be totally and utterly safe. I really wouldn't worry about your anonimity. Plus, if you want to monitor where people are hitting your site from, e-mail me and I'll tell you how to do that.

Hopefully, this didn't make you more paranoid. Think about it this way: if I, a former investigative journalist/current professional researcher, can only think of one far-fetched way to find your blog (a way that could be easily fixed), then you're quite safe.

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