Monday, June 19, 2006

Women and Cat Calls

This weekend I went to see a comedian at a local bar with J and some friends and I noticed something that has always particularly confused the hell out of me. Women who dress for attention but get pissed when they receive it from the wrong person.

If you are going to wear a bright red halter shirt that shows off the puppies or a skirt smaller than a head band, then expect some comments. Please note that you do not have control over who it will be that makes the comments but that you do have some control over the comments made by the outfit that you present yourself in. If you show up dressed decently and some jackass makes a rude comment, your slapping him is way more justified.

Highly unlikely that you are going to pick up the handsome suit in the corner who lives in the swanks that makes more than your entire family put together because if they wanted a girl that dresses like a hooker, well, they could afford to just go out and buy one. However, if you are dressing as eye candy, the average (and occasionally toothless) Joe is receiving the show for free, so don’t expect him to keep him mouth shut unless you want to throw on a potato sack.

Okay, I’m done.


djmetronome said...

Yes, but a real man knows that to ignore that girl serves a far better; makes women around her more interested in you for not gawking...two; makes girl in question try to do more to get your attention...

Michelle Sanders said...

Ok...where is the babble about how you spent a quite night at home with J and some wonderful friends and grilled chicken tits and had fried eggplant and looked at scrapbook magazines and watched the boys play video games...where is that commentary?!!! That was fun too! Damn bar hopper! Oh and I know the kind of skimpy dressed girl you are talking about. We usually just point and laugh. That seems to make her reconsider her choices a little.

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