Monday, June 19, 2006

My WONDERFUL Friday Night – Dedicated to Michelli

Well, it seems I have left out a very important night of my weekend and have bruised a dear friend’s feelings. What she doesn’t know is that I had started an entry (usually beginning in MS Word and copy/pasting into blogger when its complete) but had not yet finished it. Ever start a blog and not feel the ending is what you want it to be? Well, that’s where I was, okay? >sob<

So Friday night J and I decided to bbq some chicken legs – wait, let me stop here and add on. Miss FunkyFreshCool seems to think we bbq chicken tits, but they were leg joints. Ha, I just said joint. Sounds like Miss FFC has some TLC (titty loving care) on her mind. BUT HOW CAN SHE NOT? Her puppies are monsterous now that she’s an incubator. (Are you embarrassed now Michelli? Want some more? Don’t mess with me man!)

Our favorite couple, Dave and Carmen, aka David & Michelli, came over to grub with us. The entrée was bbq chicken, some fried eggplant (with sugar, though I’m not sure anyone caught on) and pasta salad. Mmm! For an appetizer Michelli and I devoured nearly an entire jar of queso with tortilla chips while the men stared at the pit and talked about cars. Apparently I have sympathy hunger pains for my pregnant friend and think I can eat for two as well.

After dinner we watched the boys play video games and browsed through scrapbook magazines, my new favorite obsession thanks to the Scrapbook Queen herself. A little randomness, a lot of laughter, and yes, quite a few snorts out of Michelli and we were all pooped and ready to call it a night.

I must say, having another couple to hang out with really makes the whole relationship seem real. My friends never left me out of things just because I was single, but I see the ones that are part of couple more now than ever, and I love it.


Michelle Sanders said...

Hell yeah beatch! Oh and thanks for noticing my "monsterous puppies"! I am so honored to have such a nice plump post about our fabulous night. Man...we should have taken pictures of it so we could scrapbook it! LOL!

randommoments said...

I was JUST thinking that. I just got a battery for my camera too, but had no film.

Maybe I should just break down and buy a digital...

djmetronome said...

OMG...I *heart* couple gatherings.

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