Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lazy Ass

This morning was one of the hardest mornings this week to wake up and carry my butt to work. I was having one of those nights where every sound roused my interest (and fear), causing me to peek out from the covers to peer in the shadows of the corners of my room. My monkey was out of town so I had no long limbs wrapped around me, protecting me from these sounds… sounds that were most likely the apartment settling or the air conditioning popping.

Yes, I checked every closet and under my bed. Twice.

The alarm clock forgot to remind me to set it, and I woke up late. Ever have those mornings where you’re just dragging ass and nothing, NOTHING can light a fire under it? I threw a hissy when I realized I’d have to make my lunch before leaving. (Which is just strange because there was no one to throw the hissy in front of. Kind of like talking to yourself when there’s no one around.) When I make it to work and get out the car on the fourth row of the lot, my body is sagging from the morning heat and all I want to do is sit down on the concrete and wait for the next car to pass by. Wave them down. Offer the only money I have in my purse, a fiver, to just open the door and let me in, and will you please just drop me at the front of the building? No that’s alright, I’ll ask the next person I see to carry me in, but thanks anyway.

The elevator is open without having to push the button to signal it (thank God) and I step in alone. I want to hug the steel walls, to kiss the little lit #9 button.

Now if I can only pay someone to do my work, I’d be on my way to pure happiness. At least for today.


Michelle Sanders said...

Yep been there, done that! My alarm clock frequently forgets to remind me to set it. Darn thing..we get up at the same time every morning...why should I have to keep setting it to go off? It should know! Oh and by the way you shouldn't hug or kiss any part of the elevator in your very public building. You just don't know where it has been! You might get Salmanela (spelling?)or something! You really need a vacation!

Romantic Fool said...

Ok, besides the getting up late and not wanting to come to work, the lack of motivation to do work is a daily thing! Thus the reason you have so many blog entries! And the reason I have time to make random comments.

djmetronome said...

I have to agree with "rom fool" the reason I blog/comment/anything online is because i hate work and am trying to avoid it...

Ari said...

I hate random noises when alone too!

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