Friday, June 09, 2006

Man in the House: Follow Up

Apparently, my guy is a good cook. And – ready for this girls? – he cleans up too!! (Okay guys, don’t get mad. I’m jaded from living with a father and brother who left their dirty socks everywhere and didn’t know what ‘put the cup in the dishwasher’ meant.)

I was amazed walking up to the apartment after work to see him waiting for me, a new grill sitting on the patio. T-Bones and baked potatoes. I’m not a big meat and potatoes girl, but yum! He then proceeded to pick up my plate after we were done, and >gasp< load the dishwasher. I looked him in the eyes, grabbed his face and said “Who are you?”

I suppose this proves that I may have dated some punks or mama’s boys in the past…

Later we went for a dip in the pool, and had a heart to heart. I’m still reeling from the L word conversations last weekend and he goes and throws a few words like “never before” and “a long time” at me. I almost drowned.

Oh, and the ‘boyfriend being alone in the apartment thing’ – I have a little project I’m working on for him for his b-day, so I threatened his life and told him I wouldn’t give him his presents if I found out he rummaged through my craft box. I actually checked the box before I left him in the apartment alone so that I would be able to tell if he had looked. He didn’t look.

However… while in the pool, J told me he happened across a pic of the ex and I in a drawer while looking for a koozi. I had no idea it was in there. I don’t really have anything to hide, so I guess if he was being nosy it wouldn’t really matter.

Yet, I did feel compelled to pull my journal out of it’s hiding spot that morning and take it with me to work…


Romantic Fool said...

How incredibly sweet. A new grill? You didn't mention that earlier! You are holding out on me! I'm glad that you are enjoying each other and that he hasn't run you off yet!

djmetronome said...

Sounds sweet...the pic of the ex is unavoidable...they're bound to be around...I wouldn't stress it...I'm sure he didn't. New grill...he bought one??

randommoments said...

Yep, bought a grill. Pretty lil thing is sitting on my once bare patio.

RomFool - Don't think this one will ever run me off. >sigh<

Michelle Sanders said...

Steaks & potatoes? Pool? DAMIT JILL, hook a prego sista up!

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