Thursday, October 08, 2009

Advertising Swap

So. I'm thinking of growing the blog. Watering it a little, venturing out.

For starters, I was thinking of doing an advertisement swap. Basically a trade on a 150x100 size ad for your blog, shop, or website of choice. Mine on yours, yours on mine. My sidebar could use a little of your pizzaz, don't you think?

I'm offering this free trade for exactly one month. Contact me if you want to do an ad swap. Or just contact me if you have any questions! This could be fun!

For those of you who already selflessly advertise my Jillry shop on your page - you know who you are - just send me your ad if you want to snazzy up my sidebar.

Raring to go,

xo Jill


the NEO-traditionalist said...

Oh I wish I could, but I haven't the slightest idea how to insert such things. I own my own domain and so it requires all this coding which is absolute gibberish to me. Someday soon I hope to hire a web designer to spruce up my page a bit and maybe then we can swap. I'm excited for you to grow your site. How exciting!

Gene and Charli said...

How did this project go? Are you still doing it?

Jill said...

No response really, but still open for a swap if you are interested!

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