Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bessie Mae Berger, Homeless at 97, Begging on the Streets of L.A.

Her little voice just breaks my heart. I know most would think "Can't the two sons find work somewhere?" I find myself wondering the same.

Bessie Mae Berger, Homeless at 97, Begging on the Streets of L.A.

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Anonymous said...

I just read this article on AOL. That's absolutely terrible that a woman her age and in this country is homeless! Have you heard of a legitimate fund raiser being held for this family?

C said...

how fucking outragous that this is happening in our united of states! we can bomb the moon with a satelite which must of cost a million bucks or more and yet helpless people at this age, are living on the street! yeahhhhh for our country. this enrages me can you tell? i wish i were in a position to help her and others like her. ohmygod what an atrocity.


Anonymous said...

is so easy to say, "can't the sons work".... they do already taking care of her!!!!.

stop hiring immigrant gardeners and hand the rake over to an struggling citizen.

Thanks for making awareness of the struggle that folks in your city have to deal with.

those convalecent centers are just evil and I admire the son's determination to not let their mother be alone, they love each other, is not fair of the goverment to suggest a separation, Fraking goverment!

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