Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Weather Fun

Things are changing down south. Fall is here and hopefully to stay.

Pops (J's Dad) asked his two sons to go fishing this past Saturday. I was quite lonely but excited at the prospect of some good fish to throw on the grill at their return.

And boy did J catch a fish:

The fish ended up being placed in the freezer for another day; we had plans with my little sis and nephew to hit Octoberfest. Unfortunately I have no photos for this as my newest motto is: enjoy the moment first, take photos second. Okay okay, I didn't want to lug around a camera for crying out loud. I needed my hands for my pockets!

Toot rode several rides and even got J to ride the Scrambler with him. Man I love that ride but it was just entirely too cold to be whizzed around at 80 mph in 40 degree weather.

Monday I made a pot of gumbo.

This is our latest dining experience. (I caught J mid-laugh after his picture protest, isn't he cute?) Occasionally we dine at the kitchen table. We figure we may as well enjoy this for a minute - when we have children it will be the table from then on.

Since its been so beautiful out I've been working on some new projects outside. The Mini Monster loves this.

Her puppy stretches are the cutest.

Its Wednesday, we're almost to the next weekend. Hang in there friends. :)


Rox said...

It's been cool here, in the low 20s in your Farenheit thingie. I'm loving it but soon it will be frozen and white so for now I'm enjoying the colors (which are mostly browns now.)

I've been reading but not commenting, sorry.

But you know, I totally get the in the moment thing. Totally.

Sydney said...

Your gumbo photo just made my belly jealous ;)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

What a fish! Holy smokes that would feed a whole crew! It's cold and rainy here too. We've even had our first snowfall and it's not even November!

Anonymous said...

your food postings make me hungry... :)pb

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