Thursday, October 15, 2009

Love the One You're With

There's no underlying tone here. I'm not saying that even if you aren't happy or in love, still love the one you're with. I'm hitting on the more obvious tone: LOVE the one you're with, and make sure they know you love them.

Baber took me on a date to one of my favorite seafood restaurants a couple of weekends ago. I dressed up, he held my hand, we talked about everything under the moon across a wooden table with beer in our hands. The most fabulous dishes were placed before us and we ooed and ahhed over them. Afterwards, he took a different route on the way home and we ended up on the grounds where we were married just 10 months ago.

It was dark out, so I struggled with being a 'fraidy cat and living in the romantic moment. Okay, so I didn't struggle, I blurted out a few times that someone was going to "get" us, but J grabbed my hand and told me not to ruin this. *snicker*

We walked hand in hand around the beautiful grounds, past the fountains and trees and lighted seating areas. Reminisced about the night we were made husband and wife. I was grinning ear to ear. My husband is spontaneous, so I never know when he's going to pull a romantical stunt on me.

My husband loves me. He doesn't send me flowers all the time, he doesn't buy me gifts. He doesn't dedicate songs to me on the radio. But he loves me, and he does show it.

When we pull in for gas at the local station he always comes out with two banana Laffy Taffys; one for me, one for him, to enjoy together. At night, J turns on my air purifier for me before I even get in the bed. He also lets me spoon him at night, even though he thinks he should be spooning me. On pizza night, he saves the middle pieces for me when we bake one of those brickhouse square pizzas. Even when I object, he still saves them for me. He always does the dishes because he knows how much I despise that chore. When he talks or brags about me to one of his friends or work buddies he always tells me about it later, knowing I would never hear it otherwise.

We should all really pay attention to what we have. Stop nit picking and hanging on what we don't have or what our loved ones don't do for us. Love is shown in so many ways, so many forms. We should appreciate these little moments, acts of affection, ways of giving.

And love the one we're with.


LindseYaYa said...

That's a fact!!! And the truth is, if we embrace that love, and reflected back- our partners flourish and thrive. Can you imagine the environment that creates for your children!?!? what a beautiful cycle to perpetuate! No matter what... I choose Hope. I live in the possibility of Today. Jill, you are easy to love- because you notice! Xo

Damsel Underdressed said...

Very well said... I couldn't agree with you more. Our happiness is more often than not standing right before our eyes. :)

C said...

this is SO true, what wonderful memories you will have when you are old... remembering nights just like this will warm your hearts.


Amanda Kay said...

Jill. I love you. Seriously your amazing! This world needs to be filled with more you, more positive thinkers. I'm so glad that you found such wonderful true love! Your an amazing woman and you deserve every bit of everything you have! ((hugs))

Chloie said...

Your husband is amazing! You're a lucky woman, but I'm sure he's a lucky man for having you, too.

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