Thursday, October 01, 2009

Finding Happy in the Small Things

This morning started off great. My calendar now has only 2 more spots open for jewelry parties or shows, which makes me feel comfortable financially. The only downfall to this business is the worry of the month to come. Sure, we'll pay our bills, have money to save and play with, but I have goals for myself and I am affected emotionally if I don't make that goal. No one wants a depressed artist living with them, trust me.

I thought I'd make a list of things that make me happy TODAY. Things that are small, that may be insignificant to others but that make me giddy and warm inside. I'd love to read what makes you happy, so please feel free to post yours in the comment section!

Finding Happy

1. Waking up in a freezing room with a personal heater in the bed. (That heater being the hubby.) Makes me want to snuggle all day!

2. Morning showers. There's a large window on the wall of my shower which is frosted, so we have no curtain on it. The sunlight pours in that window in the mornings, so much so that I don't even turn a light on in the bathroom. Its just so pretty and starts my day off right.

3. Being on a "diet" and actually having CHOICES in the house. There's nothing worse than trying to eat healthy and having to pass up the toaster strudels for plain old toast. This morning I had PB on wheat with sliced banana and honey. How could I not be happy after a breakfast like that?

4. When J gets off work early. Now that I work from home, I can take off for a spontaneous outing with him. Yesterday he came home in the early afternoon, so we had a little adventure on a new trail to the river. There wasn't a soul out, except for three large white egrets that would perch until we got closer, moving up the river and settling until we approached them again. I love that we can do things like that together now, during a time of the day when its quiet.

5. My crockpot. Simply enough, I love the thing. :)

Hope everyone is having a great day! Again, please share your happy things.


Sydney said...

My #1 happy thing...I am by no means a morning person, but the minute I walk into my son's room, the first thing he does is give me a gigantic hug and kiss, my morning takes a sudden turn for the best.

Anonymous said...

~My hummingbird feeder
~a good book
~back rub

Great little "big" things.....

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