Monday, October 05, 2009

An Amazing Weekend

The Bazaar on Saturday was a-ma-zing! (Yes, I'm a Rachal Zoe clone this A.M.) Here are a couple of booth shots:

I've been feeling very protective of my work lately so I feel vulerable posting these pics. However, there's so much GOOD in this business.... so much support, friendship, and just plain JOY that it overrides the aggravation of copycats.

The bazaar was a huge success. I went home feeling straight up giddy and with a much lighter jewelry case! Now I must get my butt in gear for the parties and shows I have coming up. Where does hubby keep his energy pills again....

Below is a photo of my new favorite piece! I RARELY keep anything from my collection for myself and I finally put my foot down on this one. It all started years ago when customers began purchasing items off my neck, which I think is a hoot! Still, it made most of my personal creations temporary. Someone asked for this one yesterday and I love it so much that I was able to say NO. Eat your heart out! ;)

The bazaar was located just one town over from my town and I saw so many of my old friends from high school. It was so nice to visit with them, to catch up from the years lost and see their creativity. Oh and I felt very much like a princess that day: J dropped me off in the morning, but not before helping us set the bulk of the booth up and then coming back to tear it down that evening. Didn't break one nail. ;)

Sunday was filled with a whole lot of nothing, which we enjoyed like you wouldn't believe. It rained all day so we spent most of the day inside, snuggling in for a small nap, watching football, reading a book a regular customer lended me - Hi Christy!! - and I even did a little tidying in the craft room. A much needed break.

How was your weekend? Hope it was happy as mine. :)

Much love & hugs. And of course, Happy Monday!


Rox said...

Have I ever told you how pretty I think you are? Good lord, you're pretty!

That's not just the rum talking either. Heehee!

Had a good weekend, productive.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Love that necklace and it doesn't hurt that it is around the neck of a gorgeous woman either!! No wonder people bought jewelry you were wear them so well!

Kudos on having a successful & relaxing..couldn't get much better...

Jill said...
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random moments said...

Rox! *blush*

Thanks Alicia! :) Yes, the hard work made the relaxing so much more enjoyable too!

Kelly said...

Your booth looks amazing! I love the creative ways you made of displaying all your things.

And copycats are the best form of flattery. Don't let them get to you... plus you know what they always say of copies right? It is NEVER as good as the original!

Looks great hun!

Christie said...

I so wished I lived closer! I would buy it all up (well, maybe not, but it would be MUCH harder to stop myself). It looks fabulOUS! Maybe Kel and me could help out if we visit. That would be so much fun.

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